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First Podcast – Let the fun begin!

The Peak Results Academy Podcast - Episode 1

Thanks so much for joining me on our very first episode at Peak Results Academy Podcast! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to line up some amazing guests who will share the struggles and successes that have led them to become experts in their respective fields, all who have created a peak result, in the areas of health & wellness, business and beyond. Each week, we will bring you 4 high quality episodes, leaving you inspired, uplifted and ready to create your own peak results.

Quick Links to the Good Stuff:

[0:34] – Introduction to your host, Rich Fournier

[1:00] – Mission of The Peak Results Academy Podcast

[4:15] – What makes this a podcast YOU want to listen to

[5:27] – What you can expect

[6:28] – Our challenge to you

About the author, Richard

Dreamer, life-long student and your host, I'm dedicated to bringing you amazing stories of success and struggles on the pathway to creating peak results.

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