Ep 54 | Mara Flash Blum

To kick off season 2 of the podcast, Rich sits down with Mara Flash Blum, one of New York City’s top agents and a Sotheby’s International Realty top producer since 2009. Mara shares why she thinks losing is such a vital part of winning and how she learned that lesson as an actress prior to starting  her career in real estate. Together, Rich and Mara delve into why so many agents are ‘one hit wonders’ and what steps you can take in the next 18 months to create outstanding success in your own business. She offers practical tips on asking unabashedly for business and nurturing those relationships through the life cycle of a client. Don’t miss the conversation filled with wisdom, practical tips and humour.


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Show Notes

[04:s0] About Mara

[13:04] Why losing is such a vital part of winning

[14:20] Creating her own earning power in a time of a male dominated business

[20:05] Finding drive through being proactive and running towards connection

[25:46] How Mara nurtures a relationship through the life cycle of a client

[28:55] The evolution of Mara’s Daily method and the value of letting go 

[31:43] What the ‘one hit wonder’ agent is missing in their business

[36:41] Why adaptability and continuous learning is no longer a choice

[41:00] Aligning yourself with givers and how to treat those business partners

[43:13] Mara’s success tips to make your next 18 months outstanding

[50:06] The key to focusing on clients who are ready to make a commitment

Contact Mara

Phone: 917-607-7456

Website: www.maraflashblum.com

E-mail: maraflash.blum@sothebyshomes.com

About Mara

Mara Flash Blum is an Associate Broker & Senior Global Real Estate Advisor from New York, NY who has consistently ranked among Sotheby’s International Realty top producers, since rankings began in 2009, as well as The Wall Street Journal/Real Trends annual report. Prior to jumping into real estate, Mara earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Boston University, School of the Arts and is a former actress. Mara has been featured in BBC’s “Super Homes”, a documentary film about buying and selling Manhattan real estate. Additionally, she has appeared as guest broker on Good Morning New York and Urban Digs.

About the author, Richard

Dreamer, life-long student and your host, I'm dedicated to bringing you amazing stories of success and struggles on the pathway to creating peak results.

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