Ep 31 | Amanda Bell

Rich sits down with Amanda Bell, an Agent and Broker-Owner from Ashland City Tennessee, who claimed Real Trends #27 spot for Individual Transactions in the US for 2019! Amanda discusses how tunnel vision is a trap for Realtors® and how staying fluid and moving with the market has allowed her to do over 370 transactions as a lone producer. She shares the sacrifices she makes daily to get closer to her bigger goals and discusses what it really means to invest in your clients. 


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Show Notes

[02:15 ] About Amanda

[04:35] Being told they wouldn’t make it, only made success sweeter

[05:10] How Amanda turned a part-time gig into a booming business

[07:00] Why investing in clients allows them to invest in you

[08:26] Amanda’s no nonsense attitude to running her business and brokerage

[10:45] 370 transactions in one year comes with celebration and sacrifice

[24:00] Why Amanda focuses on surrounding herself with positive people

[26:25] How self evaluation is the key for anyone starting in the business today

[38:21] What it takes to stand out in a crowded marketplace

[42:50] Reach out to Amanda

Contact Amanda

Phone: 615-792-6100

Website: www.amandabellsells.com

About Amanda

Amanda Bell is not only a firecracker real estate agent in Ashland City, Tennessee, but also a Broker-Owner of At Home Realty. Amanda has built an enviable career over her 17 years in the business, winning Real Trends #27 spot for Individual Transactions (in all of the US) for 2019 and celebrating multiple years with 200+ and 300+ transactions in a single calendar year. Amanda’s passion for her community and her clients is obvious and her drive is second to none.

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