Ep 29 | Kyle Seyboth

In this episode, Rich chats with #1 selling agent for Keller Williams (USA) for 2019 (and the 3 years prior), Kyle Seyboth, who sold an impressive 140 million dollars of real estate and did over 500 transactions in 2019. Kyle jumped into the business with no network, working his 9-5 job for the first 4 years, but managed to scale it like no other lone producer has. Kyle discusses that journey and shares a defining moment that made him confident he would win in the business of real estate. He outlines free steps any agent can take today to skyrocket their business and explains how doubling down during risky times can pay off huge (it netted Kyle 65 transactions in a 4 week period).


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Show Notes

[02:20] About Kyle

[04:30] How Kyle went from a 9-5 job to selling 500+ homes A YEAR

[07:40] Keeping family balance by making kids his “best clients”

[08:30] A defining moment when Kyle decided no one would define his ceiling

[13:00] The 2 biggest factors that set Kyle apart from the rest

[14:45] Free strategies to build a massive business today

[17:50] What’s next for Kyle

[24:00] The value of confidence, even when you don’t have it

[28:10] Doubling down during COVID-19 gained Kyle 65 transactions in 4 weeks

Contact Kyle

Email: kyle@seybothteam.com

Phone: 508-726-3492

Website: www.seybothteamhomes.com

About Kyle

With over a decade’s worth of deals in the real estate industry, Kyle Seyboth has taken the Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts real estate market by storm. Kyle, who sold over 500 units and over 140 million dollars worth of real estate in 2019 is amongst the top Realtors® in Rhode Island. For the past 3 years, he has earned Top Selling Agent Nationwide for Keller Williams. Kyle is constantly setting new records and has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top 10 real estate agents in Rhode Island, as well as nationally.

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