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Ep 28 | Steve Saretsky

Rich chats with Steve Saretsky, an Agent who has used social media channels to skyrocket his business so successfully that he now sits among the top 2% of Greater Vancouver Area Realtors® and is a regular contributor on BNN, CBC and more. Steve explains how he dialed in on his unique perspective to gain followers, discusses the shocking amount of business he gets with low ad spend and he outlines the steps to creating your own social media strategy.


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Show Notes

[01:25] About Steve

[04:00] The journey from dabbling in social media to full out pro

[05:40] How Steve dialed in on his unique perspective and gained followers

[08:00] Behind the scenes of creating content

[09:30] Money numbers (spend) that will shock

[11:20] The mentor that allowed Steve to have blind faith in the early days

[13:55] The shockingly high amount of business that comes from social media

[18:25] Steve lays out how you can create your own social media strategy

[23:30] An honest look at how COVID will affect the market

[28:50] How to find Steve

Contact Steve


Phone: 604-809-8149


About Steve

Steve Saretsky is a Vancouver Realtor® and author behind one of Vancouver’s most popular Real Estate Blogs. Steve is widely considered a thought leader in the industry with regular appearances on BNN, CBC, CKNW, CTV and a contributor to BC Business Magazine. Steve’s dedication to analyzing the stats, financial landscape, and policies affecting Vancouver Real Estate have allowed him to build a successful business among the top 2% of Greater Vancouver Realtors* while working with and providing advisory services to investment advisors, financial institutions, policy makers and Real Estate developers. Steve is a regular speaker at industry events, hosts an online video series ‘The Saretsky Show’, and authors the popular “Saretsky Report” which is read by over 7000 subscribers.

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