Ep 24 | Bill Thom

In this episode, Rich sits down with Bill Thom, an award-winning realtor® who has consistently placed in the top 1% of Re/Max agents worldwide over much of his nearly 37 year career. Bill shares his journey to success in the business (along with his daily methodologies), but acknowledges the update new agents need to make to match his growth in this changing industry. He shares two time-tested axioms that he learned early on in the business and still uses today, as well as why sincerity is the key to any business.


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Show Notes

[02:20] About Bill

[06:00] Persistence was the key to getting started as a listing agent

[10:45] The two axioms that Bill learned early on and still lives by today

[12:00] Elements of Bill’s winning marketing plan

[18:40] The updated strategies Bill suggests for new agents

[22:00] Why Bill would join a team

[27:25] How technology is changing the expectations upon Realtors®

[36:10] Sincerity: the key to business that can’t be faked

[40:55] Real estate is not a 100 metre dash

[52:00] How health and hobbies keep Bill performing at the top of his game

Contact Bill

Email: info@billthom.com

Website: www.billthom.com

About Bill

Bill Thom, of Re/Max Realtron Bill Thom Group Realty Inc, has had an incredibly successful career in real estate for nearly 37 years after an unexpected start. Bill started his working life as an engineer in the 1980’s, but due to the recession, was laid off. On the advice of a friend, he took that opportunity to become a licensed realtor® and has consistently been in the top 1% of Re/Max agents worldwide since then. Bill is a Re/Max Hall of Fame Inductee, a Lifetime Achievement Member, a Chairman’s Club and Diamand Award Winner and one of only a handful of Re/Max professionals to have been inducted into the Circle of Legend Worldwide.

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