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I am part of an elite group of humans who are committed to creating Peak Results in all areas of their lives.


We don’t accept excuses in any area of our lives. The status quo is not acceptable. We know that we have products that help everyone create Peak Results in all areas of their lives.

Why we are different

We don’t hope for change. We know that change is hard. There is no quick fix. We know that our habits control us and we believe that we can create a new reality by changing our programs in our mind. We must change who we are and what we believe if we are to get a peak result.



All of us believed at one point or another that we could do anything. As a child in elementary school, I distinctly remembered a teacher saying to me, “Rich you can do anything that you want. You just have to work hard enough”. Walking home that day, I dreamed about what I would do when I grew up. Maybe I would be a teacher, an astronaut, a doctor, or even a world leader. At that point in my life, I really believed that anything was possible. At one point, we all had child-like faith!

When did it all change? When did we stop dreaming and believing that we could do and become anything that we set our minds to? I don’t remember when, but somewhere along the way I stopped believing. Most of the world at one point or another has fallen into this same trap of accepting our circumstances. We go to work day in and day out, wishing and hoping for something better. Why is it that we continue this cycle of acceptance and live way below our potential? Is it because we are afraid of losing the little that we already have? Are we afraid of what other people may think of us?

Every once and a while you get the urge to do better! You push and push towards your a new goal for a few months, much like the promise you make every New Year’s Eve to quit smoking, lose weight etc. The intention is there, but somewhere along the way, the motivation wanes. We repeat this year in and year out, never fully realizing our goals. 

How We help you

We are all driven by patterns, paradigms, and habits.  At the Academy, through our proven programs, we help you reprogram your basic operating system so that you can break through your personal barriers and create a life filled with purpose, passion and peak results.

For the past 3 years, we have been coached and mentored by Bob Proctor, the self-development guru of our time, to learn the strategies and skills to help anyone reprogram their mind so that they can create Peak Results in all areas of their life. 

Our 24 week program combines online video training, a digital mastermind community of like-minded humans and one-on-one personalized coaching, to help you create the results that you desire.

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If you want something more out of life, but aren't sure what it is..

If you've tried to make changes in the past, without success...

If you have a specific goal, but don't know how to achieve it...

This is for you!!



Thinking Into Results is a 24-week process for radical personal transformation. It is a comprehensive program designed to facilitate positive, profound and permanent change in all areas of your life.



This program is entirely facilitated online through live video webinars, internet-based mastermind groups and weekly one-on-one zoom video* strategy sessions to make it accessible, no matter where you are located.

*For those not familiar, our client care team is here to help


About Rich & The Academy

I am on a mission to help people, just like you, figure out what they really want and then break through their personal barriers to actually achieve it! I believe that by serving individuals and propelling them to make a difference in their own lives, I am also creating leaders who will foster a culture of growth and empowerment in their wider communities!

Here at the Academy, we are a digital community of like-minded humans, dedicated to breaking through personal barriers to create lives filled with purpose, passion and peak results. Through online training, tribe masterminds and one-on-one accountability coaching, we overcome the knowing doing gap and help you crush your goals.


Welcome to the Academy!

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"I feel like I've found my tribe - Rich & Peak Results Academy keeps me accountable, focused and on top of my game"

Dan D
Toronto, Canada

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